“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is your own self.” – Aldous Huxley    

Gabriella Csaszar

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Relationship Coach

DipCHyp, HPD, NLP Practitioner, Project U and Project U2 coach

Gabriella Csaszar

I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with a variety of coaching  techniques under my belt.

I was trained by the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute. Trevor is the author of many books, which are the basis of my approach as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach.

I work with a model that aims to nudge my clients towards their own solution, their own better version in as little as 3-6 session. During these sessions, I help my clients achieve a permanent change by using various techniques and a personalised Wordweaving  script which is built around every client’s model of the word. This language is easy to accept because it’s based on the client’s way of thinking.

My journey:

Ever since I can remember I enjoyed helping people and taking care of others. For this reason, I decided to study health care. I wanted a career what I will love and enjoy and give me the joy of helping people to get better and be healthy again. It was only one thing standing in my way what I just realised while I was training in a hospital environment. I could not bear to cause any kind of a pain to my patients. I wasn’t able to give a simple injection to anybody without cringing and apologising for making them feel uncomfortable.

After I finished my studies I moved to London in 2004, from a tiny village in East Hungary. I was excited to have a new life with full of opportunities presenting themselves right in front of me. Since then I have settled down here and made my life what I wanted for myself. It has been a remarkable journey all the way. I have learnt the language, tried many new things and lived a comfortable life. Only one thing was missing. That rewarding, fulfilling career I always wanted. And life – being the way it is – has presented me with the opportunity but not the way I would have imagined. As it happened I got involved in a romantic relationship I just couldn’t conquer despite my best intentions. So I started self-searching, reading and listening to anything that could possibly give me some answers. That is when I came across Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I had a few sessions with a brilliant and fabulous Questie therapist and it has changed my world. This therapist has noticed my passion towards relationships and she has suggested that I would be brilliant in this field. That is when the penny dropped and I realised that I could mix my signature strength of helping people with my passion towards understanding relationships. And by doing this, help and educate many people who need a helping hand in the very complicated and messy field of relationships.

So I had followed my dream and gained a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Also, I became an NLP Practitioner. I have received Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training and extended my repertoire by completing the Quest Institute Project U and Project U2 coaching programs. These enable me to coach my clients through any personal and professional challenges they may face in their life.

I have learnt the hypnotic language called Wordweaving which helps me to talk in a language that my clients will easily understand and accept. And this mutual understanding will strengthen our therapeutic relationship. My good language skills help me to pick up my clients communication styles and talk to them the way they understand best.

So to find out if we can talk the same language, please get in touch.


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