“Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity.”
– Mac Anderson



Cognitive Hypnotherapy Coaching

We all get stuck in our life once in a while, not knowing what to do to better ourselves and move on. Whether your need support and guidance in you personal or professional life, my coaching techniques can help you solve the issue and shine a different light on things.

I work with a model, called Project U which is completely built around you, work with your signature strengths to achieve your own flow in life.

You might be asking now if that is really possible? Of course, it is when you are ready for a change and you are prepared to work with me. With my help, you could achieve your flow, your dreams and much more than you could ever thought possible.

One of our most important aims will be to recognise what is it that stopping you from achieving your goal. It is usually our unconscious which gets in of the way, so we end up being confused and unmotivated because we are fighting with a power against which we can’t win. All we can do is to cooperate with it, so it will support us in achieving our goals. This is where the line will blur between coaching and hypnotherapy. In order to achieve what you want, we put a stop to any limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and feed your signature strengths to make this journey as easy as it possibly can be. During our sessions, we will deal with your personal issues as well as taking you through how to achieve your goals with this step by step system.

Living your life in a state of flow is one of the most beautiful and empowering thing you can achieve. That is the indescribable feeling when you get up in the morning and completely and utterly looking forward to your day. It can help you have a career as fulfilling as possible, which gives you the feeling that you would do the job what you are doing even if you don’t get paid for it.

Project U can give you a sense of well-being and balance in your physical and emotional health. It can also work with achieving a higher purpose in life, which will feed on helping others and being supported by your strengths. It can fuel the circle of giving and receiving in your life; helping others while making yourself happy in the same time.

If you want to know more, please contact me to discover what could be possible for you……

Project U2 - Relationship Coaching

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Relationships

“We have got this gift of love but love is like a precious plant. You can’t accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. We have got to keep watering it. You have got to really look after it and nurture it.”
– John Lennon





This coaching plan based on a book called Lovebirds by Trevor Silvester. Lovebirds focuses on how we each experience love with our partners. The book divides people into 8 categories of birds. Each having their own characteristics and describe in great detail how each bird type feels love. Its indicates the individual differences that can occur between couples leading to why some don’t always know how to make their significant partners feel the love they are trying to express.

When we work together we will start by identifying which of the groups you and your partner belong to and take things forward based on that information. We will have sessions working together on the one to one basis and all together as we move along through the relationship coaching program.

Single sessions are perfect for work on personal issues within yourself and which maybe standing in the way of your relationship with your partner. The sessions that we share as a couple and therapist will help you both to work on your communication styles and any issue arising in your everyday life. The sessions will take place quite a few weeks apart so you can both get on with life and notice any possible changes in your relationship.

This program is not made to keep couples together by any means. It’s designed to decide if you and your partner are compatible enough to stay together and if not help you separate on the best terms.

Project U2 could be used for all  types of relationships such as mother -daughter /son, father -daughter /son, friends or Colleagues or any type of human relationships. Wouldn’t it be great to get on with people around you and be satisfied with the relationships you have?

It is my real passion to help people with their relationship and give them practical advice how it could be turned around. This comes from my own experiences and challenges in various relationships. Once I was the one looking for all the answers I could possibly find because I was in a difficult relationship myself. Since then years went by and I developed a real passion around  working with relationships. I want to help couples, men and women not to make the same mistakes that I have made and use my learning to facilitate this.

I don’t believe in the concept of “you have to find your soul mate to be a whole” just because he/she holds the missing part of you. I believe that you need to be a whole yourself as a person to attract love in your life. It is a hard concept to accept for many single people wanting love in their life. But, just think about it! You attract the most love and charming partner in your life when you are happy, energetic and full of life. In other words, you are comfortable with yourself and it shows. Also, you aren’t want to be made a whole by this last piece. You are a whole, already, as a person but want to invite the right person in your life to share this fantastic journey with.

I can help you to grow, to face your own challenges, and with the help of Lovebirds relationship coaching to become that confident, well balanced, happy person, who can be in a successful, loving relationship. I can help to answer all those questions you have around your relationship and might able to shine a new light on how woman and man are thinking, what are the differences and how they are affecting your  relationship.

I would like to help you to get the relationship you want by helping you become a balanced and happy person and educate you about relationships and everything that comes with them.


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