“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you. If you allow it.”

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a truly special field. Its uniqueness lies in its power to change people’s lives within a few sessions. It combines techniques from different areas of therapy like NLP, positive psychology, and hypnosis and by doing this provides very powerful tools to serve our client’s needs.

Cognitive Hypnotherapists use and live by the main concepts of this fabulous way of thinking and being.

We are not in charge: our unconscious mind’s main function is to protect us in dangerous situations. The unconscious rules our behaviour 90% of the time. It works by looking for similarities or differences from our past experiences and when it’s found a match between the present situation and the previous experience, it switches to protection mode and will do anything to protect us. Just think about when somebody is scared of dogs because they have been bitten once.

This unconscious protection has served us very well back in the beginning of history when we lived in caves, fled from or fought with animals for survival. Our unconscious mind had us react to danger instantly because it had no time to think what to do if we had a sabre-tooth tiger facing us. It was rather run, fight or die. You might have heard about this as the ‘fight or flight’ reflex, which comes with certain physical effects like feeling hot, shaking hands or legs or that horrible sick feeling in your stomach. It is all natural but there is a problem with it. We live in the 21st century and this reflex causes us more problems than ever before. Our brains have not had enough time to catch up. We are just not far enough along that evolutionary scale for our unconscious mind to tell the difference between a simple job interview or a real danger which will threaten our health and well-being. So that is the reason why we are struggling with public speaking or with our fear of certain animals. But cognitive hypnotherapy can help you get over these issues and make your life so much easier.

No such thing as hypnosis:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy does not believe that being in trance is a special state in which to be. We think that is an everyday experience. Have you ever missed your stop on the train because you were deep in your thoughts or just starred in the space around you? These are examples of trance states. You are physically present but mentally absent.

Being in trance is a natural state of being. It only becomes a problem when it is stopping you living normally and causes you to underachieve in your life because your unconscious mind gets in the way. Just think of how your behaviour changes in a job interview or on a date or when you face a big challenge in your life. This is the very state that our clients present to us most frequently. So they are already in a negative trance and our job is to “dehypnotise” them from the negative state towards being neutral about the issue. In order to achieve this, we use ‘word weaving’, which is our most powerful tool in cognitive hypnotherapy.  ‘Wordweaving’ is a hypnotic language developed by Trevor Silvester based on the Matrix Model and Neuro – Linguistic Levels. The Matrix Model helps to map the process of the client’s problem and guide towards which techniques and suggestions to use, whilst the Neuro – Linguistic Levels provide where we should aim our suggestions in order to achieve changes in the client. Our ‘wordweaving’ is based on the client’s model of the world, so it is unique and personalised for each client’s needs. Which brings us to the next idea of cognitive hypnotherapy.

The solution lies within the problem:

… in other words the client has all the resources they need to solve their own problem. Even if there is a problem that makes life difficult, all clients are strong and have everything inside them to overcome the problem and live a life free from the problem what they are facing now. In therapy, we aim to take the client from their problem state towards their solution state. We are doing this by gathering information about their problem, getting familiar with the client’s thinking patterns and use those to aim our suggestions to make changes for the better. We read in between the lines to see the client’s model of the world and use that model to guide the client to notice changes in their life. We turn the client’s negative thinking patterns into positive but do it in a way that is the most acceptable to them.

Our aim is to guide our client to get their solution within themselves and not waiting to get it from the outside world. This way it becomes their own solution by their own strengths and capabilities. Therefore, they don’t need to rely on any outside source to be motivated and successful in their life.

My aim as a cognitive hypnotherapist is to be your guide to help you realise what is possible, so that later on you can let go of my hand and do it alone, by finding your own solution and the better version of yourself. Whether you make your decision now or later to get in touch please have a look at this video to help you to know how cognitive hypnotherapy can help you.

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