“If you can change the way people think, the way they see themselves, the way they see the world. If you do that, you can change the way people live their lives. That’s the only lasting thing you can create.”
– Chuck Palahniuk

How I Can Help

Be Confident

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Be ConfidentConfidence is one of the most important aspects of our busy lives. Without it, things can get really difficult in your life. If you lack confidence it will be much more difficult to achieve a fulfilling career, a good job which will meet your needs on every level possible. It will affect your personal relationships with the people around you and in your romantic relationships. It will stand in the way of you achieving your dreams in life.



Unfortunately, what the thinker thinks, the prover proves, which means what you think of yourself is the very thing that you become. So if you believe in yourself and have a ‘can do’ attitude toward things and see the opportunities instead of problems then you will deal with the obstacles that are in your way much better than those who give up or don’t even try, because in their heads they don’t think they can do it. I’m not saying that the people who have confidence in themselves have it easy. No, they try and struggle and try again and if it’s still not working out they find another way to achieve what they want. Confidence will reinforce their beliefs about themselves and that they can do it, and everything is possible.

Of course, it is not all the time and in every situation we can be confident but if we can achieve a positive, powerful and confident way of thinking in life where we make ourselves responsible for our own happiness and success, then we will have all the possibilities we can imagine to achieve the happy, well-balanced and successful life we so much want.

So if you are wondering what could be attainable in your life please get in touch and let’s turn your world around the most powerful way possible.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy Depression

Depression is a very serious problem in our modern life. We barely have enough time to look after ourselves properly. That is why when a tragic life event takes place we are frequently too busy to survive and do our everyday duties and errands. We don’t allow ourselves enough time to experience and deal with our feelings.


Those feelings get suppressed and, if not dealt with, it is only a matter of time before those hidden feelings burst to the surface, completely flooding us with negative and sad feelings. By this time it is often in such large amounts that we can not possibly deal with it and we become depressed.

Depression is often treated with medication, but it does not have to be. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is proven to effectively treat depression and anxiety in a short time. Depression can be misunderstood by the people on the outside of it. Those affected by it often get told to ‘get a grip’ or just ‘pull themselves together’. If it could only be that easy. When you suffer from depression you barely have the energy to get up and go to work, even if you manage to get to work and just survive the day so you can just go home and close the door behind you because you don’t want to be around people. It is in this state of mind you are pushing the people away who could help you to get better, your family and friends.

Even if you feel that you are completely alone and nobody can help, there is always a way around it. I believe that with the right understanding and helpful, guiding kindness, depression can be just a shadow from the past.

Contact me when you are ready to take my hands and walk this journey with me one step at a time, until you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Dealing With Fears and Phobias

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Fears and Phobias

When we are children it’s OK to be scared of certain things like darkness, dogs or spiders. It only becomes an issue when we can not shake them off by the time we are entering the adult world. Our fear can ridicule us and make us look stupid when we are over-reacting in certain situations.



It does not have to be like that. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy, all kind of fears and phobias are easily treated. I could help you with various fears like spider and dog phobias, claustrophobia, being scared of the dark or even buttons or whatever it is that’s causing you to be scared and limiting your life in any way. Wouldn’t it be just brilliant to sit in the dentist’s chair with no emotional reaction? Or not to cross the road because of a dog is coming towards you and you can not bear to walk past it because all you can think of that it will attack you?

While there is a simple solution to deal with these limiting beliefs, many of us spend a lifetime being scared of certain things. Did you know that Steve Jobs, the inventor of the iPhone had a problem with buttons? So he invented a phone with very few buttons. So could you imagine what would be possible in your life without your fear holding you back? If you are in a job where you have to give presentations and it scares you so much that you freeze or leave the room when it’s your turn to speak. Many of us deal with a fear of public speaking on an everyday basis but if you let your imagination run free and you could consider all the things that could be different if you were not scared of talking in front of people. All the successful meetings, all those promotions what you could achieve…… The sky would be the limit in aiming for and achieving your dreams.

Just imagine how good your life could be without those limiting beliefs and fears, to experience the freedom living without them. So when you are ready to take the first step towards making your dreams and goals become reality, contact me and I will help you to be free from all those limitations which are holding you back, and guide you towards the better version of yourself, who can achieve all that is possible and make your dream a reality.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Get Rid Of Bad Habits

We are creatures of habit. From our early years we learn certain behaviours that serve our needs and then we repeat them whenever they need to be filled again. It becomes a habit. Our unconscious mind loves that because it seeks certainty and to avoid the unknown. After a while, it won’t let go of our habits because it’s familiar and has fulfilled our needs even if it’s only a temporary solution.


Bad habits usually form when people try to self-care and make themselves feel better by smoking, drinking, using drugs or over-eating and not attending to the deeper issue what needs to be fulfilled. Some of our habits form as self-punishment or regaining the control over something, or just to get noticed. Such habits could be nail biting, hair pulling, picking at skin. Other habits come from the protection mode of our unconscious. They are much more subtle but they are limiting us and stop us from living life as we would like to. These are chronic negative self-talk, procrastination or obsessive compulsive behaviours.

So whether you just want to give up sugar or chocolate, or suffer from a more serious kind of addiction, get in touch to live your life free of bad habits or addictions.


Stress and Anxiety

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Stress and Anxiety

If you have ever experienced stress and anxiety you definitely know about it. It can turn your life upside down and make you feel it’s presence in all aspects of your life without a doubt. It comes with scary panic attacks which make you feel complete out of control.



Your body just does not do what you want any more, just becomes like jelly, wobbles and shakes uncontrollably. It can get you in different situations in your life when you would least expect it and you definitely could do without those horrible symptoms. Sometimes it’s completely unexplained while other times you know what the trigger is.

Nobody should live their life putting up with daily stress and the panic it causes. By working with me I can help you to live a better, much more harmonious life where you won’t have a problem being your best self, free from stress and / or anxiety. I will work towards finding what is the trigger of the problem and teach you techniques to help you to feel in control of yourself and your life.

My approach can work with the stress and anxiety from everyday life, through illness or a change in circumstances that caused anxiety, all the way to PTSD.

So if you ever feel that in certain situations you seem to lose control of your body and just stand there in complete horror and fear of what will happen to you if you cannot find the escape root, contact me and we can figure out how you can take back control of your life.

Weight and Fitness

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Weight and Fitness

Do you struggle with your weight? Would you like to be slimmer and fitter and be able to smile when you look in the mirror? Are you fed up choosing bigger size clothes all the time because what you used to wear is too small now? So you just hang them back and walk out of the store angry and distressed?




Everybody experiences some kind of trouble with their weight during their life, but now things have changed and we have new ways of dealing with the extra pounds. I am not talking about expensive surgery or painful and life restricting gastric bands. Not even talking about having a hypnotic gastric band. It is a brilliant way of dealing with obesity but it doesn’t solve the issue deep inside the person.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you to figure out what emotional connection you have towards food and why you are not able to achieve your ideal weight and keep it. If you see food as a kind of reward and feeling loved when you eat cakes or other fattening food than you have an emotional connection with food. Also, it can act as a stress release when you open up a bottle of wine at the end of a long day. It is only your unconscious mind trying to find the way to make you feel better and find a match in certain food or drink, that can achieve that effect for you and that is when you reach for that tub of ice cream or bottle of wine. If you work with me I can change those links that your brain makes between certain food/drink and you feeling good about yourself.

So if you want to live free of the chains of overeating and eating when feeling sad or down, then get in touch and experience a dramatic change in your life by looking at food as a fuel for your body and not an emotional crutch you need in order to feel good about yourself.

I can also help you to motivate yourself in your exercise routine and get you moving again. Exercise should be fun, something that fills you up with energy and happiness and not a chore that you have to do every day. If you don’t enjoy the exercise you are doing then it is not the right form of training for you. I could help you figure out what type of exercise would give you the freedom and joy that you need so it becomes a source of energy for you. My aim will be to have you feel a constant flow when you are training so you don’t even feel like that you are doing hard physical work. It can become a stress release after a hard day or just a source of energy and happiness for you.

If you get excited about the possibilities of how good you could look and feel about yourself then get in touch and see if we can work together and say hello to the new, slimmer, fitter and happier you …


Pain Control

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Pain Control

When you experience pain all you want to do is get rid of it as fast as you can so you can get back to your normal self and get on with your life. Of course, most pain can be medicated by the professionals, but it is not wise to consume painkillers over a long period of time.



There are cases where the pain is persistent, but can be manageable with cognitive hypnotherapy, like IBS, joint pain or cancer pain. Also, it can help ladies with heavy and painful periods or childbirth pain.

Pain caused by cancer can be managed and helped by hypnotherapy. It can help you to ease your physical and emotional pain, strengthen your immune system, support your emotional well-being and helps with issues that might come up during your treatment.

As part of your treatment, I will be working around relaxing the effected area and teach you specific techniques to be able to manage the pain for yourself as well and not just during our sessions in the therapy environment.

Please, don’t suffer in silence, get in touch and see if I can help you ease your pain and get you back on the sunny side of life again to show you that there is life after pain.

Sexual and Fertility Issues

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Sexual and Fertility Issues

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their life. Most common issues for man are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and for women failure to reach orgasm, vaginismus or lack of sexual drive.



These difficulties can prevent many couples to enjoy a satisfying sexual connection which is one of the bases of a healthy relationship. We can not overlook its importance and the consequences on a relationship which lacks sexual fulfillment.

Please don’t let those problems define the outcome of your relationship. If you want to find out how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you resolving these issues, please get in touch.

Fertility problems concerning many women in the world. There could be several reasons why you are not able to conceive. The worst case of scenario is when there is no medical reason to be found to the problem. This can leave you to feel helpless and at a loss because you can not get help with the problem if you don’t know what it is. In many cases, ladies are overstressed and tired of the whole cycle of conceiving and doing test after test without any kind of explanation. Women unconscious mind has a very powerful effect on their body if they believe any limiting, negative thing about getting pregnant and bearing the pregnancy it could put an extra and unnecessary strain on their best effort to have a baby.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and stay positive while you are trying to conceive by altering your mindset in a very powerful and positive way. Also, these sessions can help you during your pregnancy. They can help with morning sickness, the aches and pains of pregnancy and a much easier childbirth.

So if you have difficulty getting pregnant or just would like some extra support during this magical time in your life, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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